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At Supreme Court Forum, Candidates Agree Judicial Races Cost too Much

At a Supreme Court forum hosted by Neighborhood Networks and tens of co-sponsors, including Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts at the Central Library of Philadelphia last night, five of the candidates running for Pennsylvania’s highest court discussed judicial campaign spending, among other issues.

Bucks County Community Accountability Program is an Opportunity at a Second Chance

The Community Accountability Program, or CAP, began in 2013 in Upper Bucks County and is presently the only program of its kind in Pennsylvania. In CAP, first-time, adult nonviolent offenders work with a community panel to take responsibility for their crime without entering the formal criminal justice system.

Former Fayette County MDJ Pleads Guilty to Fixing DUI Case

Dwight K. Shaner, a retired Fayette County magisterial district judge (MDJ), pleaded guilty today to a misdemeanor charge of hindering prosecution. 

Twenty Candidates Have Dropped Out of Philadelphia Judicial Election

As of March 25, twenty of the original sixty candidates running for Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas or Municipal Court have dropped out of the race. The number of judicial candidates remaining is still the largest in recent memory.

Philadelphia Bar Association Releases First Round of 2015 Judicial Candidate Ratings

The Philadelphia Bar Association released its first group of ratings for judicial candidates running for seats on the Court of Common Pleas and Municipal Court in Philadelphia.

Many Important Judicial Races Throughout Pennsylvania in 2015

There are numerous vacancies for judgeships throughout the state of Pennsylvania this year, and many candidates are vying for the positions as a result. There are currently 18 candidates running for statewide judicial vacancies, 245 candidates running for county-level seats, and dozens more running for magisterial district judge.

Luzerne County Youth Aid Panelists Sworn in

Seventeen new panelists were sworn in to Luzerne County’s Youth Aid Panel program this week, which was designed to divert first-time juvenile offenders charged with minor crimes.

Former Washington County Judge Pleaded Guilty to Stealing Cocaine Evidence

On Friday former Washington County Common Pleas Judge Paul Pozonsky admitted to stealing cocaine evidence, pleading guilty to three misdemeanor charges. Pozonsky, 59, pleaded guilty to theft, obstruction of administration of law, and misapplication of entrusted property. Senior Common Pleas Judge Daniel Howsare of Bedford County will sentence Pozonsky on July 13.