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PMC along with leaders of the Philadelphia’s First Judicial District, dignitaries and civic partners, celebrated Juror Appreciation Day today to recognize the crucial public service performed by citizens who respond to jury duty.

The Philadelphia Inquirer: Independent Investigation Into Ticket Fixing Scandal May Have Tainted Federal Investigation

The Philadelphia Inquirer has reported that the independent investigation into the Philadelphia Traffic Court ticket-fixing scandal, commissioned by Pennsylvania Supreme Court Chief Justice Ronald D.

State Judicial Ethics Rules Fail to Address Flood of Campaign Cash from Lawyers and Litigants

A new report from the Center for American Progress reveals troubling findings on the efficacy of states in addressing the ethical complications of increased campaign contribution in judicial elections and their effects on perceptions of judicial impartiality.

Pennsylvania Superior Court Grants Orie Melvin's Motion to Consolidate Appeals

The Pennsylvania Superior Court has granted former Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin’s motion to consolidate the appeals of her criminal conviction and stay of sentence.  Orie Melvin was criminally convicted on six counts for

The Pennsylvania Civil Legal Justice Coalition released a report detailing the growing gap in civil legal access for low-income

The Pennsylvania Civil Legal Justice Coalition released a report detailing the growing gap in civil legal access for low-income Pennsylvanians and the negative effects this has on litigants and the state.

Developer Sentenced for Role in "Kids for Cash" Scandal

Robert Mericle, a builder of for-profit youth detention centers, was sentenced to a year in prison, fined $250,000, and ordered to serve one hundred hours of community service by U.S.

Traffic Court Judge Seeks to Remove Wiretap Evidence

On Monday, pre-trial hearings were held in preparation for next month’s trial of Philadelphia Traffic Court judges on federal charges related to ticket fixing and favoritism. Trial is scheduled to begin on Monday, May 19, 2014 in front of United States District Court Judge for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania Robert E. Kelly.

Pennsylvania Judicial Ethics Committee Finds Anti-Nepotism Provision Not to Be Retroactive

In confidential opinions to judges with relatives working for them, the Pennsylvania Judicial Ethics Committee found the anti-nepotism provision contained in the revised Code of Judicial Conduct, which takes effect July 1, were not retroactive.  The revised code, adopte

Policymakers Support Expansion of Veterans Courts

Although the signs of success are mostly anecdotal, lawmakers and judicial officials are looking to expand Pennsylvania’s special courts for veterans.