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Traffic Court Judge Seeks to Remove Wiretap Evidence

On Monday, pre-trial hearings were held in preparation for next month’s trial of Philadelphia Traffic Court judges on federal charges related to ticket fixing and favoritism. Trial is scheduled to begin on Monday, May 19, 2014 in front of United States District Court Judge for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania Robert E. Kelly.

Pennsylvania Judicial Ethics Committee Finds Anti-Nepotism Provision Not to Be Retroactive

In confidential opinions to judges with relatives working for them, the Pennsylvania Judicial Ethics Committee found the anti-nepotism provision contained in the revised Code of Judicial Conduct, which takes effect July 1, were not retroactive.  The revised code, adopte

Policymakers Support Expansion of Veterans Courts

Although the signs of success are mostly anecdotal, lawmakers and judicial officials are looking to expand Pennsylvania’s special courts for veterans.

Phila. DA Creates Unit to Review Wrongful-Conviction Claims

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams announced on Tuesday the creation of a new unit tasked to investigate ‘legitimate’ post-conviction claims of innocence.

Pennsylvania Superior Court to Hear Orie Melvin's Appeal Next Month

Pennsylvania Superior Court sitting in Lawrence County next month will hear former Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin’s appeal from her 2013 conviction.  Orie Melvin was criminally convicted on six counts for using

First Judicial District to Reassign Judges to Address Family Court Backlog

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently approved a recommendation to temporarily reassign judges within the First Judicial District. Judges will be reassigned from the trial division to the family division, in order to deal with the current backlog of child custody cases.

Creation of Veterans Court in Erie County

The Erie Times News praised the creation of a specialty court for veterans charged with nonviolent crimes in Erie County. The court was recently authorized by Erie County President Judge Ernest J. DiSantis Jr.

Judges Indicted in Traffic Court Ticket-Fixing Scandal File Motion to Redact Wiretap Recordings

Philadelphia Traffic Court Judge Michael Lowry, along with former Judges Roberty Mulgrew and Thomasine Tynes, filed a motion this week seeking to redact “inflammatory” language from wiretap recordings of defendants intercepted during the co

Justices Suspend Ex-Judge Berry for One Year, One Day

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has suspended Judge Willis W. Berry for one year and a day in connection to defrauding a former law client.